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The Largest Sap Items on Earth!

The long-time running Maple Syrup Festival at Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area has accomplished many things over its time.  Saugeen Conservation actually started the Festival in the late 1960's.  Since then we have had many accomplishments, even if they weren't all recognized by Guinness!


1) Attempt at the Largest Sap Pail on Earth! (2013)

The folks at Saugeen Conservation and Emke Schaab in Walkerton went to great lengths to make the largest sap bucket in the world!  It was a feat like no other, the purpose of which was to beat the previous record established by the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival in making a bucket that had the 'capacity' to hold 594 litres (133 gallons) of of sap.

With the help of all the great staff from Emke Schaab Climate Care out of Walkerton, Ontario, they were able to construct a bucket (on site), that held well over 1,000 litres of sap!  We were ecstatic!  

Unfortunately, our record was not accepted by the fine folks at the Guinness World Records because they expected our sap bucket to hold syrup!  

Many thanks to all who participated.  


2) Attempt at the largest maple candy on earth (2006) 

In 2006, Saugeen Conservation made their first time attempt at the world records by making the largest maple candy in the world.  The candy was made by Voisin's Maple Syrup Products in Formosa, Ontario with the mold made by Hunt's Plastic Systems in Clifford. It was a huge maple leaf made entirely with real maple syrup. 

When completed, the candy was 1,000 times the size of a regular maple candy.

The candy measured 42" from tip to stem and weighed 122 pounds!

Unfortunately, once again, the record was not accepted by Guinness.  While there is no doubt it was the largest maple candy in the world -  it was not, however, the largest overall candy in the world.  

After the candy was made it was measured and documented, then broken up and given out to spectators at the event.



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