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along the shore at Stoney Island


Stoney Island Conservation Area

Over 6 km of all-season trails, used for walking, jogging, skiing and snowshoeing. This park is maintained by the Kincardine Cross-Country Ski Club.

Stoney Island Conservation Area is located 5 km or 3 miles north of Kincardine Hospital on the west side of County Road 23 (the "B" Line). See property map here.

It has over 6 km of all-season trails, used for walking, jogging, trail biking and bird watching from spring to fall.  In winter, trails are reserved for cross-country skiing, and 5 km of snowshoe trails , all maintained by the Kincardine Cross-Country Ski Club. The trails are regularly groomed by club members for both classical and skate skiing.

The trails pass through a mix of evergreen woods, more open forest and some meadows.  The trail along the Lake Huron shoreline follows the route of the nineteenth century coaching road, with excellent views out over Lake Huron.  There are flat trails for beginners in the upper section.  For more adventurous skiers, there are several significant hills down the old Lake shoreline to the lower section of trails.  There is a ski hut, and a car park, but no other facilities.

There are several creeks which meander through this property and are traversed by hand-crafted bridges, initially built by the Ventures of Kincardine and area. This Conservation Area has been maintained by the Kincardine Ski Club for many years.

Cross-country skiing competitions are held annually at this location under the direction of the Kincardine Ski Club.

This 40 hectare property  is a 5 minute drive from Kincardine and was purchased by Saugeen Conservation in 1977.

Parking at Stoney Island is free.

Note:  This park is maintained by the Kincardine Ski Club in cooperation with the SVCA. Use trails at your own risk.

Kincardine Cross Country Ski Club

The Kincardine Cross Country Ski Club has close to 100 members and was incorporated in 1991. 
Trail fees and annual membership are the lowest in Ontario.

This is a  not-for-profit club run by volunteers. Sharing the work on trail improvements, grooming trails, removing fallen branches etc.
If you would like to volunteer please contact us through our website


While you visit, see if you can solve the great disappearing island mystery. The Conservation Area’s namesake really does exist, but where?

In 1849, Captain Duncan Rowan travelled to a small natural harbour in Kincardine Township that was formed by a small island and a shoal (which is located just south of the present day Stoney Island Conservation Area). He settled there that year and founded a shipping business and the Village of Port Head. This was the first official harbour facility and community in the township.

The little community had a good sized steam sawmill, and a post office, called Port Head.

The prospects of this little village were quashed, however, in 1857 by a mighty fall gale. The steamer “Ploughboy”, the island wharf and the storehouse, all belonging to the village founder, Captain Rowan, were dashed to ruins. After this storm, the island disappeared and the mill was closed down in 1858.

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Ski Hut
Voluntary Trail Fee (administered by the Kincardine Cross-Country Ski Club)
individual $3 / family $5 / day

Kincardine Cross-Country Ski Club Annual Club Membership Fee:
1) Individual $30
2) Family $45

Put your payment in the metal box at the trail head. For annual membership, contact the club.

Parking at Stoney Island is free.
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