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Saugeen Bluffs Trails

at the top of the Lookout Trail
at the top of the Lookout Trail

A visit to Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area isn't complete without a trek to the bluffs, which inspired the area's name.

Beginning at the north end of Main Street, the trail leads past a small pond, before leading up a set of wooden stairs to the spectacular lookout.

You'll be perched high above the wide expanse of the Saugeen River, one of the most popular canoe routes in southern Ontario.

Not only are the trails a highlight with hikers, but it is also a popular location for special events.  This scenic park has played host to numerous opportunities, including weddings!

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the Bluffs and its scenic trails. The choice of where to begin and which area to explore first is yours for the making.

(Please travel only on the trails and roads provided and be sure to take only pictures and leave only footprints. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated by those who journey after you.)

*Please note that the trail system is operated under a 'use at your own risk' policy.








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