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Conservation Areas

COVID Announcement

Note:  Conservation Areas are now open. This includes all day-use areas, as well as the campgrounds. 

The Day-Use areas that are now open include:

  • Sulphur Spring Conservation Area
  • Allan Park Conservation Area
  • Stoney Island Conservation Area
  • Kinghurst Conservation Area
  • Bell's Lake Management Unit

Please note that the Mildmay/Carrick Managed Forest area will remain closed for safety reasons as staff have not had the chance to remove dead-falls, etc.

Brucedale Conservation Area will be open to SEASONAL campers only.

Please note, once again, however, that facilities including picnic shelters, activity centres and playgrounds WILL NOT be open.

We will be sure to provide regular updates in this regard. Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding.

Saugeen Conservation has numerous properties designated as Conservation Areas. These lands provide residents and visitors alike with an array of facilities and options with regard to recreation and leisure activities (see below). There are two types of Conservation Areas; Camping Parks and Day-Use Parks.

In addition to Conservation Areas, the Authority also owns thousands of hectares designated as Conservation Lands.  These consist of significant forests and wetlands, reforested areas, management units and properties which protect valuable headwater areas. These areas have limited facilities and are to be conserved, preserved and managed for the benefit of future generations. As well, these areas function as natural parcels of land which contain representative features of Saugeen's unique landscape.


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