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Buffer Zone Decreased

Posted: July 27, 2016

Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority is reducing its screening buffer from 50 metres to 30 metres. The buffer zone is used in rural areas of the Saugeen watershed to assist in determining where SVCA may have a regulatory interest near areas such as watercourses, slopes, shorelines and wetlands. Municipal staff and landowners can refer to SVCA’s on-line screening maps to determine if a property is within the screening buffer and would therefore require a review by SVCA staff for a proposed project. This mapping has been updated to reflect the reduction in the screening buffer. New air photo information has made these maps easier to use and simplified the screening process as well.

The reduction in the screening buffer demonstrates the Authority’s confidence in the ability of local municipal Chief Building Officials to determine which proposed developments may fall within the area regulated by SVCA and to refer applicants to the Authority as appropriate.

By taking 20 metres off those screening buffers it removes hundreds of acres of rural properties that will not need to be reviewed by Conservation Authority staff in our planning & regulations department, which will reduce workload and hopefully improve the speed at which staff can respond to planning & regulations applications”, Authority Chair Luke Charbonneau said. “It also means a lot of people who were previously in the screening area won’t need to go through that screening process. It’s one more thing that is being done to increase speed in our planning processes and to reduce the review burden on people in the community.”

It has always been the case that areas regulated by the SVCA may not be picked up by the screening buffer or the online mapping. For this reason, property owners who are planning to develop close to watercourses, wetlands, shorelines or slopes are advised to check with the SVCA or their local building official to see if they are subject to the SVCA regulation or other local regulations before commencing construction works.

For questions or clarification contact:
Wayne Brohman, SVCA General Manager/Secretary Treasurer
519.367.3040 ext 232;

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