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History Comes Alive in Cargill!

Posted: June 15, 2018


History Comes Alive in Cargill!

For Release:  Immediately

Date:  June 15, 2018

‘History is Coming Alive in the quaint historic Village of Cargill!

Over the past two years, Saugeen Conservation, the Municipality of Brockton, Regional Tourism BruceGreySimcoe (RT07), Bruce County and the Cargill and District Community Fund have been working together to develop a new tourism destination product in Brockton, by way of Cargill’s diverse and colourful history.

“The Greenock Swamp harboured vast stands of white pine in the 1800’s, that initiated a logging era like no other in Bruce County.  As a result, hundreds of people settled into this area, some relatives of which remain today”, stated David Inglis, Mayor of the Municipality of Brockton.  It was all due to the foresight and entrepreneurship of one man”, he continued.  “His name was Henry Cargill.”

Last year, due to the increased interest in the Greenock Swamp and Cargill, a formal tour was developed, called ‘Legends of the Great Swamp’.  The tour is steeped in history, legends and stories and provided a glimpse of early life in Bruce County, with a focus on the great lumber industry in and around the historic Village of Cargill. All five tours were booked solid in 2017, as were both tours that ran this year.  A NEW tour will showcase on September 8th called ‘Bootlegging Lore of the Great Swamp’, which promises additional fun, facts and plenty of incredible stories! 

Beginning this summer, during the months of July and August, a new ‘Visitor Centre’ will be open in the Village which will include displays, as well as hands-on exhibits and demonstrations. New signage will be incorporated, highlighting the amazing history, as well as exciting life-sized artwork.  In addition, and as a tribute to the old dinkey-train, which once travelled the rails through the massive swamp, a small train will be available for rides through the Village highlighting historical points of interest. A working blacksmith shop will also be a prominent component!  “We’re hoping to make this as hands-on as possible”, reported Inglis.  “We really do want history to come alive!”  

As a result of the incredible attention this has garnered, a new committee was established entitled the ‘Greenock Swamp Promotional Committee’, which includes interested individuals and residents from Cargill as well as SVCA staff. “Everyone is working together and bringing their talents to the table to help establish new opportunities and attractions to draw visitors to this charming Village”, stated Gary Napper, a life-long resident of Cargill and member of the committee.

“This is a great way to combine the unique natural environment of the great swamp with tourism and local culture”, stated Dan Gieruszak, Deputy Mayor of Brockton and 1st Vice-Chair of Saugeen Conservation. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone.  Not only are we creating an awareness for our local area and its rich history, but we are also educating people about the true value of the Greenock Swamp, the single largest forested wetland in Southern Ontario.”

Friday, June 22, 1:00pm there will be an Open House at the new Visitor Centre, along with a ribbon cutting.  Everyone welcome!

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