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2008 Watershed Report Cards

Watershed Report Cards

The increase in public concern for the environment has been one of the leading forces in the demand for more accountability. Local residents, municipalities and other agencies want an improved understanding of the health of the watershed in which they live.

Watershed Report Cards provide two fundamental purposes:

  1. They are a medium to distribute information to interested parties concerning the condition of the environment; and
  2. They are a tool to assist CA resource managers in the evaluation of watershed management programs.

This report consists of 10 independent chapters, or report cards for the 10 primary subwatersheds within the Saugeen Conservation boundaries. The report card is based on data from 2002 - 2006.

These documents are all Adobe PDF. Each download link will open a new browser window for viewing, providing you have the FREE Adobe Acrobat Viewer. To save the file, simply Right Click over the link and select Save Target As...


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