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Agricultural Outreach Program

The Agricultural Outreach Program delivers farmer to farmer workshops talking about and sharing experiences about cover crop demonstrations and more.

These sessions (unless otherwise posted) are free of charge and provide an excellent opportunity to learn and explore.  For regular updates, feel free to check out our Facebook page or Twitter

What Do We Do?

1.  Agricultural Conservation Programs 

SVCA continues to support our community partners such as Stewardship Grey Bruce in our quest to develop local Rural Water Quality Programs in Grey and Bruce Counties.

Saugeen Conservation continues to work with numerous groups, organizations and institutions to develop and implement agricultural conservation programs throughout our vast watershed.  

We will update this page to provide you with the most up-to-date programming for your farm / property. 

You can also check out the following links:

2. Coffee, Crops and Donuts (Check out our informative Tailgate Sessions!  Coffee and Donuts included!)

This incredible series of workshops focusses on soil conservation and stewardship practices through peer-to-peer learning and practical solutions and continues to evolve as funding becomes available. 

SVCA continues to reach out to the agricultural community with information.  We have been working with the Healthy Lake Huron Stewardship Cluster to develop an understanding of the needs of the agricultural community. 

3. Water Infiltration and Compaction Recovery Research

We've partnered with Bruce Soil and Crop, OMAFRA and the University of Guelph to advance our understanding of the impacts of best management practices.  This supports innovation in our watershed.

4. Soil Health Education (Getting students involved)

We encourage the participation and involvement of youth in fostering an appreciation of agriculture and how conservation efforts can improve farming and the environment!

        Our goal is..

  1. to provide assistance to the agricultural community in our watershed, by coordinating and contributing to a strong knowledge-sharing network
  2. to provide local farmers with the best information available to assist in the development of management practices that will conserve soil, enhance pollinator health and improve nutrient retentiondemonstration of soil erosion

Soil Health is the Name of the Game!

When soil structure is lost, run-off and erosion increase. Erosion relocates soil nutrients away from cropland, impacting both farmers and the water quality of our watershed.

     holding a large clump of dirt

When soil structure is at its prime.....

  • Water is absorbed more readily
  • Quality of the water infiltrating through the soil is improved
  • Soil is more resilient to erosion
  • Soil nutrients remain available for crops

Soil Your Undies! 

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs recently had an article about how people are burying their cotton underwear in the soil to determine the amount of biological activity in the soil. The idea is the more microbes in the soil, the more they will munch on the cotton undies.

When they checked the underwear after 2 months, they found that the fields that had cover crops were more biologically active and hardly anything remained of the underwear. The conventionally grown soil did not have so many microbes so the underwear was pretty much in one piece when it was pulled out.

four guys posing with samples








Check out this video.  You can also check out the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs website for more information.


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