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Campsite Reservation System

Reservation Service Information

Saugeen Conservation has entered into an agreement with CAMIS Inc. to provide an online, real-time Reservation & Reporting System. This reservation service allows you to book a specific campsite for stays up to three weeks - so you can book your favourite, or try something new with the confidence of knowing your site is assured. Please note that reservations are made in real-time and are site specific. You will need a Visa or MasterCard credit card to complete a reservation and it will be charged before you receive confirmation of your reservation.

A non-refundable reservation fee will be charged per reservation in addition to site-use fees. See full details on the Park Fees page.

Cancellation Penalties

The cancellation policy is based on the number of days prior to the arrival date that the cancellation takes place.

  • If a reservation is cancelled four (4) or more calendar days prior to arrival (up to and including Monday for an arrival on the following Friday), the penalty is the Campsite Cancellation Fee (see Fee Schedule for current rates).
  • If a reservation is cancelled three (3) or fewer calendar days prior to arrival (e.g. cancelled on Tuesday for a following Friday arrival), the penalty is a fee equal to the value of the first two (2) nights (one night for a one-night reservation).

When cancelling prior to a departure date (shortened stay after permit is issued), please note that no cash refunds will be provided.  The SVCA can, however, provide a camping voucher for unused nights.  In this case, a written request must be submitted to the administration office in Formosa within 20 days from departure.  Vouchers may then be used for a future campground visit.

These penalties apply for all dates regardless of minimum stay requirements.

The very nature of camping is that it is an outdoor experience.  Please note then, that no reimbursement(s) will be provided to customers as a result of discomforts incurred due to rain, snow, temperature change, insects, etc.

Site Security Information

Any payment information we obtain from you is stored in an encrypted database.

At any time when the reservation system obtains personal information about you or payment information from you, you are connected to our system through a Secure Connection. This means that any information you send to us cannot be viewed by anyone else. You will notice a little 'Closed Lock' icon beside the address bar above or at the bottom of your browser when connected securely to us.

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