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Saugeen River Canoe Route

The Saugeen River originates in one of the highest points in southwestern Ontario and flows through rolling scenic countryside to Lake Huron, at Southampton. Although the route cuts across agricultural land, the heavy, mixed forest along the riverbanks blocks most farms from view. The route begins at Hanover Park, in the Town of Hanover, ending 102 kilometres downstream to Denny's Dam, near Southampton.

River conditions vary from broad placid sections to stretches with rapids and eddies, making the Saugeen ideal for family canoeing and for learning the basics of rapid water navigation. The rapids present little difficulty, except in early spring, when water is high and fast flowing.

Portages are short, bypassing three dams. In late summer, if the water is unusually low, some shallow stretches may make navigation difficult. A number of access points and parks, providing various facilities, are located along the canoe route.

The canoeist will be able to see a variety of wildlife along the route, such as great blue herons, mallards, beavers and muskrats. Sport fishing opportunities are good for bass, pike, rainbow and brown trout. Check the fishing summary regulations for specific seasons.

Canoeing conditions along the Saugeen are affected by weather and other natural processes and are continually changing. This web page contains general information only and should not be regarded as a detailed guide of actual conditions you may encounter. Please remember canoeing can be a dangerous activity. Be sure to take all necessary precautions when planning your trip and wear life preservers for any boating activity.

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PLEASE NOTE:  the Saugeen River Canoe route officially begins at Access #3 in Hanover.

Canoe Route Maps and Information

  • The Route - Verbal description, distances, points of interest.
  • Canoe & Kayak Routes of Grey and Bruce Counties - Brochure (2011)
  • Canoe Route Map - (2003)
    To get the most out of the map, simply click on the icon for the Access Point, Portage or Campground you're interested in. A description, including directions, will appear on the map. If it's not what you're looking for, double click the icon, and the description will close. Open as many descriptions as you please. When you're done, use your browsers print function to print your custom canoe route map!
  • Canoe Route Access Point Information
  • Additional Canoeing Information (Bruce County Tourism site)
  • Youtube video of the canoe route from Lobies Park in Walkerton to McBeath Conservation Area
  • Youtube video of the canoe route from McBeath Conservation Area to Southampton
  • A Google search will provide outfitters with rentals of canoes and equipment in the area
  • Related link to boating safety - Boat Smart
Camping Along The Route

SVCA has two properties where camping is offered along the Saugeen River route:

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