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WREN Programs



All programs are considered half day unless stated otherwise. Half day programs run either 10:00 am to 12:00 noon or 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. Two half-day programs make a very worthwhile full-day program. You will find information on group sizes and requirements here.

The following is a list of conservation education studies listed under the WREN program.  The WREN program is a cooperative effort between both Saugeen Conservation and the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority. Our Education Fees outline the prices for these programs.

The WREN program is offered in various locations throughout the two watersheds.  

  • Habitats - Wetlands, forests and meadows.
  • Geography - Rocks, soil, watersheds.
  • Weather - Myth and fact, forecasting, water levels and snow.
  • Wildlife - Waterfowl, endangered species, insects, fish, bugs and survival.
  • Plants - Wildflowers, weeds, stumps and seeds.
  • Special - Inuit games, orienteering, winter survival and snowshoeing.
  • In School Programming  - Saugeen, Sauble Rivers, general environment, and flooding.


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