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Make Your Own Predictions/Weather Folklore

  • September > November
  • January > February
  • May > June

Curriculum Connections with grades 7 - 10

Will it rain tomorrow or what will happen when the temperature drops tonight? Participants will make a number of simple weather measuring instruments and learn about clouds to help predict the weather. 

Exploring a number of folklore sayings, we will discover which ones are based in fact and which ones are fallacy. Weather, as it relates to nature will be investigated as well.


Let it Snow!

  • January > February

Curriculum Connections with grades 1 & 2

Use snow catchers to get a close up look at ice crystals; identify them and discover how they were formed. This program includes looking at the composition of snow, insulating factors, snow profiles and water content experiments. Depending on weather conditions, we may even play with snow snakes!



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