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SVCF Funds

The Saugeen Valley Conservation Foundation has established a number of funds to which interested individuals can contribute. Each fund is tailored to particular interests that individuals may have with regard to the activities and interests of the watershed's natural history.

Wetlands Fund

Wetlands are an important part of this watershed system, helping to regulate the amount of water in the river; providing valuable habitat for many species of flora and fauna and conserving significant heritage within the Saugeen Valley watershed. Funds or real estate received under this program are used to improve wetland habitat, purchase additional wetland properties, conduct research, compile data and provide important information to increase the understanding and conservation of our valuable watershed wetlands.

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Conservation Education

Young people need to understand our natural environment and how to respect the delicate balance of nature. Each year, approximately 7,000 youth participate in hands-on conservation education programs. Games, activities and plenty of outdoor experiences teach children about the world around us.

Your support could help provide materials for outdoor study, such as guidebooks, binoculars, clip boards, rubber boots, nets and containers for aquatic studies, etc.


Saugeen River Fund

The Saugeen offers plenty of opportunities for the avid fisherman. Various species of trout and salmon, just to name a few, inhabit our clean waters. Fishing on the Saugeen is noted as one of the best experiences in Ontario. Monies can be utilized for projects along the Saugeen River that benefit fish habitat as well as improving facilities at various Conservation Areas along the river that host fishing experiences.

The Saugeen River is also known as one of the most popular canoe routes in southern Ontario. Donations received can also be directed toward this area of the river, where ongoing improvements consist of signage, the development of launch areas, docks, etc.

The Foundation feels strongly that it must take care of this resource and ensure the continued existence of this fabulous resource.

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Conservation Areas Fund

Help provide people with a greater appreciation of our watershed's natural resources. Saugeen Conservation owns a number of prominent Conservation Areas that are visited by thousands of visitors each year. Many of the Conservation Areas are significant natural areas, unique to the watershed and, in some cases, the province.

We take great pride in our Conservation Areas and hope to continue to provide a quality outdoor experience for residents and visitors alike.

Donations to this fund help support the continued quality of nature trails, boardwalk systems, signage, kiosk displays, facility development, etc. Individuals can also choose to support the resident wildlife and waterfowl at the Sulphur Spring Conservation Area.

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Special / General Fund

Some individuals, who may not be totally familiar with our programs and services choose to give to the general fund. Monies in this fund get distributed toward projects and/or goals that the Authority establishes at the beginning of each year.



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