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Flood Status
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Flood Warning

flooding at Hanover park

What Does Flood Warning Mean?

Saugeen Conservation is able to obtain data from the rivers within the watershed instantaneously to forecast flows and possible flooding. Flood forecasts and messages are issued to member municipalities, media, first responders, neighbouring Conservation Authorities, ministries, and other groups as requested.

How To Receive a Flood Message

  • Saugeen Conservation will post flood messages and updates on a regular basis here on our website.  Please be sure to check regularly for ongoing information.
  • Regular updates are also provided on our Facebook Page @saugeenconservation or and on our Twitter account.


The SVCA uses a colour coded system to identify the types of flood bulletins that are issued and the severity of the flooding at any given time.

About Flood Messages

Normal Green  
Statement Yellow

Watershed Conditions Statements / Water Safety are issued when general watershed conditions suggest high runoff potential that could lead to flooding and to remind the public that rivers, streams, and ponds may be unsafe for recreational or other activities.

High flows, unsafe banks, melting ice or other factors that may result in watercourses being too dangerous for recreational users or the general public.

Flood Watch

Orange Flood Watch messages are issued when the potential for generalized flooding exists throughout the watershed or identified for specific municipalities.


Red Flood Warning messages are issued when flooding is occuring or about to occur.  It typically applies to a specific area of the watershed.


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